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Motocross Flat Track Sand Drags Karts/Car
Series Updated Series Updated Series Updated Series Updated
Kip Davis Memorial Race 9/1/11 2011/2012 Salem Flat  1/12/12 2011 Sand Drags 9/29/11 Final gokart 8-6  
2011 Oregon State 11/1/11 Final         2011/2012 Salem Cart  1/12/12 
2011 Pac West 8/10/11 Final          2011/2012 Salem Car 1/12/12 
2011 Cycle Country 11/1/11 Final            
2011 Power Gold Cup 8/25/11 Final            
2011 Madras MX 6/1/11 Final            
2011 Riverdale Series Final            
10-11 NW Arenacross 4/26/11            
2010 Oregon State Final            

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